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Those Alluring Glares...

Again, another post made in the middle of boredom. I just finished this questionnaire for my paper, and lately, it seems I'm in mood of updating my blog! After reading my guilty pleasure (possibly vol 1), I'll let you know some other facts about me again this time.

So...villains. You know who they are, don't you? They're the bad guys, and people always curse them. For example, when you're watching a movie where two main characters are having a duel, which one do you support the most? The good guy, right? Well, of course, the bad guys are after all, bad. They're sadistic, selfish, and have this common desire to get rid of someone in their villainous way, like assassinating, manipulating, etc (which is the good guy of course).

But, I'm quite different. Sometimes I find bad guys are more attractive than the good ones. If you see what I mean, bad guys tend to have this special 'charm' that really attracts me, while the good guys, though good-looking, don't have this particular thing. Despite these bad guys kill people, sometimes they make me go like 'wow'. Because actually bad guys are smart, even smarter than the good guys who always win. Good guys win because they're not smart, but I think that's because the factor of luck. No one can seem to beat the cleverness of bad guys, but it all comes back to the factor of luck itself. This is proven by the fact that whatever attempts and hard works the villains have done to reach their evil goals, they always, sometimes, or maybe not, end up dying. This after all also proves that good always wins.

So without further ado, make way for the villains! (oh and, the more menacing a villain looks, the more charming and attractive he is)
"Why so serious?"

Movie: The Dark Knight (2008)
Played by: Heath Ledger
He ends up: *spoiler starts*survived. I can hardly recall since it's been a long time for me not to see this movie. But somehow, he's alive.*spoiler ends*
Reason: One of my favorite villains! Played by the amazing Heath Ledger. But honestly I don't really recall how the movie is like, since it's really complicated and the plot is complex. All I know is, the Joker portrayed in this movie is a bit different than the other Jokers portrayed in other Batman movies. In other Batman movies, Joker tends to be more aggressive, laughs a lot, and very energetic, without any coldness at all. While in this movie (I read how Heath Ledger tried to make an innovation by playing Joker in slightly different personality), Joker is colder, smarter, yet more sadistic. A really Oscar-deserving character! And indeed, Heath won the Oscar for this role. Way to go.

"Do you remember "Das männlein im walde", Herr Dortlich? Mischa loved that song. Let's sing for Mischa!"

Movie: All Hannibal Series, but my most favorite one is of course, the prequel 2. one, Hannibal Rising (2007)
Played by: Gaspard Ulliel (Vous etez tres beau! Je t'aime, Gaspard! >_<)
Ends up:
*spoiler starts* targetting the last war criminal that has killed his sister. The last scene shows Hannibal arriving in Canada, visiting his last target, and then starting his adventure killing and eating people in land of America. *spoiler ends*
Reason: He's sooo cold....Despite the fact that the movie Hannibal Rising received negative reviews, I think Gaspard did quite a good job portraying a legendary character once portrayed by Sir Anthony Hopkins. Besides, who doesn't 'love' Hannibal? I mean, he's a legend. Sadistic but smart. In this prequel, we can see the emotional side of Hannibal. How he becomes such a sadistic figure because he figures out that his sister is killed and eaten by the war criminals. You should see when he makes his first murdering attempt, on the butcher. Young Hannibal is actually offended because his aunt, played by Gong Li - who has 'adopted' him and taken care of him - is insulted by the butcher. The butcher apparently says something inappropriate about her, and hearing about it, Hannibal becomes enraged and promises that he'll kill the butcher, only for insulting his aunt. Aww....but still, sadistic....

"Don't lecture me, Obi-Wan! I see through the lies of the Jedi. I do not fear the dark side as you do. I have brought peace, freedom, justice, and security to my new Empire."

Movie: Star Wars Episode III- Revenge of the Sith
Played by: Hayden Christensen
Ends up: *spoiler starts*turning to the Dark Side by becoming Darth Vader and the story continues to the Classic Trilogy*spoiler ends*
Reason: Anakin, I love you! But why do you have to choke your wife, Padme? Haha, actually I love Anakin (particularly in Episode III) because he's a handsome, rather than in the second one. And second, I kind of like Darth Vader too. :)

"What may I do for you today, sir? A stylish trimming of the hair? A soothing skin massage? Sit, sir, sit."

Movie: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)
Played by:
The ever so awesome Mr. Johnny Depp
He ends up: *spoiler starts*kills himself by cutting his throat with his shaving knife after realizing that the old woman he just kills actually turns out to be his missing wife*spoiler ends*
Reason: I hardly watched the entire movie, because it's just so sadistic, and I'm kind of a person who can hardly stand the sight of blood. While Tim Burton clearly shows the blood splashing out of one's throat after it's cut. But you know, the character Sweeney Todd is almost like Hannibal Lecter. He becomes a psychopath by opening a barber and kills his costumers in a 'soft' yet a sadistic way because of his emotion being disturbed. He apparently works together with Mrs. Lovett, played by Helena Bonham Carter, who opens a pie shop just below the barber shop. So, after Todd kills a costumer, the dead body will be transferred to the pie shop and to be cooked as a pie (whoa). While Hannibal Lecter goes to avenge her sister's death, Sweeney Todd becomes a barber after being thrown into jail and the fact that his wife goes missing (I think the evil judge played by Alan Rickman tells Todd that his wife is already dead. I forget about this part). But, who doesn't love the charm of Johnny Depp in this movie? Still, he's one awesome, alluring actor! *sigh*

"You are a smudge on history's ledger, but you are my brother." - to Menelaus, Agamemnon's brother

Movie: Helen of Troy (2003)
Played by:
Rufus Sewell
He ends up: *spoiler starts*being killed by his own wife, Queen Clytemnestra. First, because Agamemnon kills his daughter, and second because he also rapes Helen of Troy. *spoiler ends*
Reason: He's very manipulative in a way! And I like how Rufus portrays a villain (who is actually an evil king!). Though in the real story of Trojan War, he is not exactly a villain. Agamemnon is very ambitious about his goal for conquering Troy. Even he dares to sacrifice his daughter for the goddess, so that she will protect Agamemnon and the Greeks until they reach the land of Troy.

"Thanks for believing me so easily."

Movie: Super Junior Mini Drama- Episode 2: Dangerous Friendship
Played by: Cho Kyuhyun!! (Saranghae!)
Ends up: *spoiler starts*leaving as he just poisons Sungmin, and leaving him dying. He also puts the poison in the hand of the unconscious Shin Dong (another roommate who has grown suspicious with Kyuhyun, and later hit by Kyuhyun by a glass bottle to unconsciousness). So the ending concludes that Kyuhyun leaves but he pretends as if Shin Dong is the one who has poisoned Sungmin *spoiler ends*
This mini drama proves that the good guys don't always win!
Reason:! He's my current Asian crush! Okay, so Kyuhyun plays in a mini drama made for Suju boyband. And there *spoiler starts* he plays a boy who is jealous by the fact that his crush, falls for another boy (Sungmin). Desperate because the girl doesn't return his love, he decides to kill her (hitting her with a car) and disguises as Sungmin's new roommate, who acts much like his deceased crush, by portraying her habits and it reminds Sungmin of his deceased girlfriend. At once, Sungmin kind of falls for Kyuhyun (a bit gay stuff, but don't worry, Sungmin falls for Kyuhyun because he reminds him of his dead girlfriend). But Sungmin is unaware that Kyuhyun has an evil plan to get rid of Sungmin. In the end, Sungmin is poisoned by Kyuhyun and left dying. It is later revealed that Kyuhyun's intention is 'if he can't get his love, then no one will' *spoiler ends* favorite bad boy ever! Kyuhyun oppa, I should've put you at the top. But Joker took it over... >_<
Haha...this post is a bit hillarious at the end, isn't it? What about you? Do you have a particular interest on bad boys? Or do you still hate them? What would you do if you were loved by a boy, but you know that he was bad and he had a bad plan to get rid of someone? Would you be on his side or no? If it happened to be, mm...I don't know, maybe...I'd join him. Nah, of course not. In reality, bad boys are STILL bad boys. And I love good ones. ^_^

And you know what? Actually this is one of my favorite posts so far! I enjoyed writing it!

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